Snow day

It’s so nice to stay at home all day when the weather is not so nice outside, it’s such a rare treat to be able to work on a combination of the things that need to get done and the things I want to do at whatever time I want to do them throughout the day. I love being able to sit and knit with the natural light coming through my window, the yarn just seems so much more beautiful that way. I took annother picture of my merry socks that is much nicer today.

I also spent some time spinning and reading and I even got a fair bit of cleaning done around here too (my desk is much more “workable” now). I find is so funny how I dread doing things like cleaning and tidying, laundry or dishes so much but once I actually start on it I end up enjoying it.

Another lovely part of my day today was having a mid-afternoon tea made in my teapot and that I drank out of one of my favorite mugs.

I love being able to sit and enjoy a pot of tea but often I am just so busy that I settle for just making a single mug of tea because it takes less time and makes less dishes.

All in all it has been a lovely peaceful day for me despite the weather warnings. I hope you all stay safe and warm and I hope you have a chance to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life today.

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