Thoughts on my New Years Resolution

So I’m considering changing the terms on my New Years Resolution now and here’s why.

First, here’s not why I am considering changing it. It’s not because I’m finding it hard to make a pair of socks every month, I made two pairs this month and it wasn’t a stretch at all, in fact I probably could have made three pairs this month without rushing. But I didn’t because I was worried about not finishing the third before the end of the month and then not being able to finish the pairs for next month.

Meanwhile, I have been feeling lost all week and a half that I haven’t had a sock project to bring with me everywhere. What else is small, easy to knit and so enjoyable? Not anything else that’s on my needles right now, they all might fit one or two of the categories but not all three and I’ve been having a huge amount of trouble deciding what to bring where and it’s stressing me out(because leaving the house without knitting is not an option).

So what I’m considering is removing the actual month boundaries (start on the first and end on the last day of that month) and just making it so that my goal is to make 12-24 pairs of socks this year with atleast one completed every month but not having it be date sensitive. I think this would make the legalistic must follow rules part of me relax a bit so that I can actually enjoy the knitting without worrying about timelines and also always be knitting something I enjoy and is a good project for on the go.

I just don’t know how I feel about going back on what I said I would do and revising it after the year has started. What do you all think? Should I revise my resolution or just leave it as is?

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on my New Years Resolution

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