Work in Progress Wednesday: Binary Mittens and Blue and Gold BFL

I’ve been making some slow but steady progress on the mittens I am making for Bilbo for Valentine’s Day.

The reason its are moving so slowly is because it’s one of those patterns where I really need to pay attention to which pattern row it is and also I can’t read my stitches very well in this yarn either. That being said, as much as it’s hard to read I do actually really like this yarn. It doesn’t look very soft, not even when I’m knitting with it but the knitted up mitt is pleasantly soft and fuzzy when it’s on your hand. I’m hoping to have the first mitten done by the end of the week and have the second one the week after. I have told myself that I can’t start the sleeves on my sweater until I have finished the mittens to make sure they get done before Valentine’s Day so I need to make a point to knit them so I can get the sweater finished before winter is over.

On the spinning front, I have finished spinning the first single of the Blue and Gold BFL.

I’m quite happy with the way it turned out and so far I am really enjoy working with the BFL. I’m sure the next single is going to happen really fast and practically spin itself.

What are you spinning and knitting on this week?

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