Spinning Standing Up

I’ve always been the type of drop spindler who spins sitting down. When I started I decided to sit because when my spindle inevitably came crashing to the ground it would have less of a distance to fall and would be less likely to break. And after I learned it just seemed easier to do sitting down because that’s what I am used to and it works.

Today I got curious about spinning standing up and decided to try it, mostly because I think it would be cool to be able to spin and walk at some point and also just why not? It’s really not much different than spinning sitting down actually and it’s nice to be able to let the spindle hang down below lap level so I don’t have to raise my hands as high above my head. I really do like it and will definitely be spinning standing up like this again, I’m glad I decided to give it a try.

Another benefit of spinning standing up that I discovered is that I am able to spin a very long single in one go, over a meter long! It makes me wonder if it would be faster to spin standing up than sitting down since you don’t have to wind on as often (maybe I’ll actually test this sometime, might be a fun experiment). Has anyone ever tried this? And does anyone spin both ways, and do you find one way faster than the other?

1 thought on “Spinning Standing Up

  1. I spin while walking. In fact, I’d say that the only time I use a drop spindle is while I am taking a walk. If I am sitting, I just use a supported spindle or my wheel. I love the long singles I can get while taking a walk, and the fact that being upright makes the movements of the arms less grandiose. It’s just more comfortable.


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