Sweater Progress

I went out the the yarn shop and got some needles today. They’re not as nice as my Knitter’s Pride ones that I broke but the yarn shop that has Knitter’s Pride needles quite a long walk away (between 45 minutes and an hour) and frankly it’s cold outside in Canada this time of year so I decided that I would just go to the closer yarn shop instead. They only had Hiya Hiya needles, which are ok and certainly work better than broken needles but I don’t like the feel of them as much and I miss my old ones. Hopefully I will have a chance to glue them back together soon.

The sweater is moving along smoothly and quickly now though and I’ve finished the front of the sweater and have started on the back.

I’m really enjoying working on this project again, I’m really glad that I picked it back up and also that I managed to get out to get some needles today.

Happy knitting everyone!

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