Return from Time-Out: Wind and Waves Sweater

I finally have found the motivation to return to working on my Wind and Waves Sweater this week after it spending many months in time-out. The pattern is Tarian by Thayer Preece Parker and it’s a Twist Collective pattern. It’s a beautiful pattern and just the type of sweater I would actually wear, I am even making it in my favourite yarn, Berocco Ultra Alpaca. Here’s where I’m at so far.

Now you might be wondering by now, why was such a beautiful sweater stuck in time-out for so long? Well, I did a gauge swatch, I swatched in every stitch pattern as was suggested in the pattern and I even washed it and waited for it to dry to measure it but it lied to me. It told me that I needed to go down a couple of needle sizes for three of the stitch patterns (which is normal for me as I am a loose knitter) but I needed to knit the last one in needles 1mm larger than the rest. I thought this was odd but the swatch is always right, right? So I cast on and knitting was going well, I was enjoying it and I tried it on and it looked good an then I switched needles at the bust and kept on going. I finished the front and the back, seemed them together and did the neckband and then tried it on and the armholes looked too big. I have never knit a bottom up sweater before so I just figured that was normal and it would be better once I knit the arms but just to be sure I asked my mom and she thought it would be ok too. So I ignored the little voice in my head and started the arm. I have long arms so I knew I was going to need to modify the length of the sleeves to make them fit (arms that are too short are a pet peeve of mine) but that sleeve I knit was HUGE, and to make it even worse, I knit it until it was almost long enough but the wrong shape and size until I listened to the voice in my head and stopped. This is when I realized that my swatch had lied to me, everywhere in that one stitch pattern was really too big. So I did the horrible thing and ripped out a lot of work and ripped back all the way to where I switched needles, and put the smaller ones back in again. I knitted around an inch on it and a bit of the front just to make sure that it was going to work out and then I put it back in the bag and left it there.

It’s been four month now and I finally feel ok with it enough to start knitting on it again. I’m feeling a bit stupid though, by the time I finish this now winter will probably be over and I’ll have to wait another year to wear it but if I had just kept going on it in the fall I could be wearing it right now. I guess all there is to do is to knit as fast as I can and hope that I will be able to catch the end of the season (or just hope for another unusually cold summer).

If anyone has any bad or funny sweater knitting stories to share I would love to hear them in the comments!

Also, I think I finally fixed the wrong time setting for the blog! So hopefully it will actually record my posts on the correct days now.

2 thoughts on “Return from Time-Out: Wind and Waves Sweater

  1. Sometimes you really do just need some time! I once let six months go before i could bring myself to knit the second sock in a pair. Now, they’re some of my favorites! And you have such yummy alpaca to look forward to at the end- good luck!


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