Handspun Mittens

I finished the fireside mittens!
They turned out great! Very soft and actually pretty warm too. And I had just enough yarn too, this is all I had left after weaving in the ends.


I also swatched with that sample of the coopworth wool that I spun to see if I would like it as mittens for Bilbo.

It turned out alright I think, a bit thin but it’s pleasantly soft and lies well and I think it’ll turn out as a nice thin mitten good for fall or spring. So I think I am going to keep it as a singles yarn. It should be a quick spin which should hopefully make it possible to meet my goal of having them done by Valentine’s Day. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Handspun Mittens

  1. hope you don’t mind questions about spinning – I’m a complete beginner. I was wondering do you always set your twist by soaking in warm water before knitting – especially singles? I’ve found if I don’t my knitting leans off to the right.


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