Finished Object Friday: Legolas Socks

I finished these late last night but didn’t have the energy to post about it then. But they’re done, and I somehow managed to do it in a week too!

They fit surprisingly well and I am very happy with how the yarn feels and looks knitted up.

Overall the pattern was good, and not as complicated as it looks, I didn’t enjoy the leaf lace parts but that’s not the pattern that’s just me. My only complaint about this pattern is that the top of foot charts for the small size had errors in them. I had to make my own modifications on the fly for both feet to make the socks come out as pictured and it really made the knitting feel like it was dragging on for a long time. The do look awesome though so I can’t complain that much.

Since I can’t cast on the next pair until February I think I will be doing a lot of spinning and finishing long time WIPs and perhaps even a bit of snooping to figure out the foot size of the recipient of the next pair of socks.

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