A Beautiful Morning

I went for a walk this morning despite the cold. It turned out to be a very enjoyable walk, I found a Jamaican grocery store and bought myself some bulla cakes which I don’t think I’ve had for probably 10 years but really enjoy. After that since I was cold, I decided to stop and get a coffee at a little coffee shop and sit and knit for a bit. What a nice feeling to sit and relax with a coffee and knitting and enjoy the sunshine, it was lovely.

After that I stopped by a yarn shop and picked up annother very short circular sock needle so that I can have two sock projects going on at once, one fellowship of the socks project and one other easier sock. I also picked up some BFL top to spin.

I’ve been thinking for a while that I would really like to spin for socks and I think this might do quite well for that. I think I would either fractal 2ply it or n-ply it or I could try to do a true 3ply as well, I’m not sure which yet. Does anyone have any idea what would look best for this fibre and wear well?

Also I’ve never actually spun BFL wool before, although I’ve heard that it’s easy to spin. So far I have only spun merino wool, merino and something blends and mystery wool, I just strangely kept buying merino because I kept loving certain colourways and they just kept being merino (and I like merino because it’s nice and soft). I’m a bit backwards to normal I guess but I didn’t know that merino is supposedly a hard fibre to spin when I started out and I must have just learned to handle it. I can’t wait to try spinning something new now though! If anyone has any suggestions for spinning BFL (on a drop spindle) I would love to hear them too!

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