Sock Sunday: Legolas

Thanks to a very very long car ride I got a lot of progress done on my socks of the month to show you. I finished the first Legolas sock today!

It’s not a particularly nice photo as I somehow managed to forget it was Sunday, and that I was planning to post about this today, I blame the 12 hour car ride yesterday.

I also blame the car ride for the mysterious disappearance of one of my favourite DPNs from the set that was given to me last Christmas that I was being very careful not to lose any out of. I searched the car and it’s not there so it’s probably lying in a parking lot somewhere, under a pile of snow and ice, and the poor thing has probably been run over by some cars. May it rest in peace.

On a happier note, I still have 4 of 5 the DPNs so I was still able to close the toe on my sock and it looks like I’m well on track to meeting my goal of finishing these in a month.

And on a completely unrelated to knitting note, I got a little mini rose bush today. Meet Juliet.

And yes, as weird as it is, I do name my house plants. In case anyone is interested on how I decided on the name though, here it is. I wanted to give her a nice traditional name because it just seems to go well with roses and all day that Romeo and Juliet quote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” kept popping into my head. Juliet really is a nice name and I couldn’t think of any names that were better suited for a rose bush. So Juliet it was. I’m really looking forward to having a mini rose bush, I think it will bring a bit of happiness and brightness to my room.

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