Year of the Socks: January, Legolas

Today I started my “epic journey” of the Fellowship of the Socks, and my new years resolution to knit a pair of socks a month, with the Legolas Socks. I can’t say that I have made very much progress as of yet (only about an inch of ribbing) so I’m not including a picture but there will be some soon as I am trying to finish these socks within the month.

For those of you who are interested I am making this pair of socks for myself and I am making the small size but I plan on elongating the foot length to make them fit properly (I wear a size 9 women’s shoe but have narrow feet) or atleast I hope they will fit properly (this is why I am making the pair that will be destined for me first). I will be knitting these socks (and probably all of the other socks) on my very short circular 2.5mm Chiaogoo needles and the yarn that I am using is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine (50%wool, 30%nylon, 20%alpaca) in a lovely chocolate brown colour (I believe it is called Potting Soil Mix) for this pair of socks. I am actually really excited about this project as Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine is possibly one of my favorite yarns and it gives me a great excuse to knit with this yarn all year long.

I found it hard to wait all week to cast this on since I didn’t have any other sock projects on the needles which is unusual for me but I’m glad that I saved it for today, it makes this project a bit more special for me to start it on the first day of the new year and to start my new years resolution with the new year.

Has anyone else cast on a new project for the new year today?

4 thoughts on “Year of the Socks: January, Legolas

    • Thanks! It really is a cool looking sock pattern, I’ve been having trouble with the top of foot charts though and have had to innovate a bit so mine wont look exactly the same as the pictured ones in the pattern do.


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